Aerozol Spray Paint

Aerosol paint is a ready to use spray paint supplied in a spray container and can be spray painted through the spray can

Spray nozzle
Two, One for broad spray and another for narrow spray

Supply form
Spray can and ready to use

Shake well, open the outer cap and spray uniformly on the substrate. Distance between substrate and spray nozzle should be 20 – 30 cm

Shelf life
One year from the date of manufacture

Available in more than 1600+ shades as per the Sheenlac Fan Deck

230-270* sq ft/litre for one coat finish under normal conditions
**Performance may vary due to factors such as method of application, surface roughness and porosity.

Technical Data

Drying Time

@ 30℃ / 50% RH

Surface Dry

Tack free: 20 mins maximum
Hard dry: 6 hrs maximum


Primer: Red brown
Top coat: White, Matt white, yellow, Gold, Blue, Green, grey, red, red brown, Black and matt black
Base coat: Silver medium and silver coarse
Clear coat: Glossy clear coat and matt clear coat


1. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and any other part of the body by wearing suitable personal protective equipment

2. Avoid inhalation of spray mist and in case contact with skin, remove immediately and wash with plenty of water

3. In the event of indigestion, seek medical attention immediately

4. Refer MSDS for further details

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