Secura PF clear coat

Secura PF clear coat is a two pack polyurethane clear coat recommended for auto refinish painting. It is a combo pack clear coat with high gloss , good hardness , exterior durability and recommended for spot repair to full body application.


OEM finishes
Aged refinishes
On Bodyian base coat colours

1. Alkali Resistant
2. Excellent Sealing Properties
3. Excellent Coverage
4. Quick Drying
5. Excellent Top coat Holding

Shelf life is 12 months from the date manufacture

Technical Data

Drying Time

@ 30℃ / 50% RH

Surface Dry

Touch dry: 25 – 35 mins
Hard dry: 24 hrs
Time to polish: 24 hrs

Recommended Hardener

Hardener for PF clear coat
(Supplied along with clear coat)

Recommended Thinner

MR-20 plus PU thinner /
GY-201 plus PU thinner


Application viscosity by FC B 4
is 17 – 19 secs

Mixing ratio by volume

Base : Hardener : Thinner
4 : 1 : 0.5


1. Apply BP-5000 2 K primer grey / BP-2400 1 K primer grey if it is applied directly on metal. Apply MP-300 plastic primer if it is applied on plastics

2. Apply suitable putty wherever required to fill the undulation / dent to make the surface flat and apply BP-2400 1 K primer grey / BP-5000 2 K primer grey

3. Apply Bodyian base coat colour and provide flash off time of 10 – 15 mins

4. Apply PF clear coat as per suggested ratio

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